Real World English - Tuning In to Language and Culture

Real World English, the English language materials division of Real World Productions (RWP), is offering a uniquely flexible approach to English language teaching via radio/audio programs and integrated print. “Tuning In to Language and Culture” is relevant to the needs of English learners worldwide, and to anyone seeking an entertaining and realistic view of the United States. RWP has been producing English learning programs and materials since 1984. As authors of the original "Tuning in the USA" (for Macmillan Publishing), we recently acquired the copyright to these materials. We have republished them under the "Real World English" imprint as "Tuning In to Language and Culture". “Tuning In to Language and Culture” consists of two 176-page books and nearly nine hours of high quality stereo audio dramas and interactive language teaching segments. The audio is on eight CDs or eight audio cassettes containing a year-long series of 52 stereo radio/audio programs.

We are working with other partners to combine global radio distribution with extensive print and audio CD and cassette distribution to the benefit of many new audiences. For some audiences this may be at a very low cost (via radio only). For others it will be with the added educational advantage of access to the integrated print now in the form of two 176-page Listener’s Guides. It is also possible to bring the print to less fortunate mass audiences via sponsored weekly newspaper reprinting of the scripts and interactive learning activities.

We are now developing relationships in such areas as 1) printing and distribution of materials; 2) producing local adaptations as necessary based on pilot-testing of the existing materials; 3) training teachers to use the materials effectively in schools and in teacher training institutions; 4) creating distribution and training opportunities for out-of-school youth and adult learners at various types of learning centers; and 5) co-funding purchase of materials (books, cassettes, CDs, radios).

RWP is a company highly regarded for our work in English teaching materials and training systems design, both in the US and globally. For example, we were responsible for the South African revitalization of “English in Action”, (Interactive Radio Instruction), an enduring redesign that is still serving hundreds of thousands of South African children and their teachers each year. And from 1999 to 2004 we were engaged part-time in Ethiopia, helping the Ministry of Education to develop a new system to teach English via Interative Radio Instruction (IRI) to millions of primary school students, and to train 45,000 English teachers.

From our experience in international education and in audio publishing, we know that many new types of projects can grow from the newly revised Real World English “Tuning In to Language and Culture” audio and print materials, either by using them as they are, or adapting them for new media and new situations and audiences.

If you would like to inquire about Real World English or Real World Productions’ training and materials design services; or if you would like to obtain copies of the “Tuning In to Language and Culture" materials, contact:

Stuart Leigh, Executive Director
Real World Productions
131 Avenue B #1B
New York, NY 10009
212 460 5361,