Tuning In to Language and Culture
Teacher's Guides

Upper Elementary Level ------------Secondary Level

Each Real World English program can be used at two different levels. There are two Teacher's Guides with lesson plans for each of the two Listener's Guides and sets of 26 audio programs. These first editions (above) are themed for the culture of teh Philippines (with special attention to Mindanao). Their covers feature decorative textile patterns from that region. There is a red Teacher's Guide with 52 lesson plans for upper elementary and a red Guide with 52 lesson plans for the secondary level. These correspond to programs 1-26, which come in a package with a red border. Similarly, there is a blue Teacher's Guide for upper elementary and a blue Guide for the secondary level.

These four distinct Teacher's Guides each present 52 lesson plans since each corresponds to 26 two-act programs and one act forms the basis for a single lesson. The 52 programs thus support 208 enrichment lessons with 104 lessons over two years at each of two levels. In addition to the many lesson plans, the Guides provide useful general language teaching advice and instructions on effective use of the "Tuning In to Language and Culture" programs, including how to use the localized cultural notes, and how to implement many well-described communicative language teaching methods.