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Over the last 20 years we have worked with many communities, schools, companies and organizations. Some are governmental, some private; some for profit, some non-profit. We value these relationships for the creativity and positive social service that our working together calls forth.

For example, as a member firm in the LearnTech consortium of companies, we have partnered with some of the most respected educational development firms to serve the needs of foreign goverments and USAID missions. In so doing we've built collegial friendships with individuals and organizations in many countries. Working with them we have grown and learned a tremendous amount, as we hope they have grown in association with us. We intend that our creative alliances should endure

Our clients and partners come to us because they know us as task-oriented, objectives-focused pragmatists who get things done. Working together we attain collaborative goals we agree to pursue.

Stuart Leigh and Ejeta Negeri,
Ethiopian Educational Media Agency,
Gambella project evaluation field trip, 2003.

Planning "English for Ethiopia" Interactive Radio, Institute for Curriculum Development and Research

Santiago Cohen and Stuart Leigh at work on the animated educational video, "Unintentional Poisoning" in RWP's studio in New York