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In 2003 a Chinese publisher licensed our materials for publication in the People's Republic of China in a Chinese-English edition. These materials consisted of two books (the Listener's Guides) and 10 audio cassettes. These materials were published under the former series title and were available for sale in China from November 2003 through May 2006. Chinese learners have now enjoyed learning English with our naturalistic audio dramas and interactive language learning segments, supported by Chinese-English texts.

Since these materials were published, we have revised the Listener's Guides and audio and we have written four new Teachers Guides. We are now seeking to republish our updated materials in China. These will build on the substantial creative work we have done in the Philippines. The new materials should better serve both the academic and trade markets. We plan to republish in China as "Tuning In to Language and Culture".

In addition to materials sales, we hope to arrange for radio distribution and promotion in China. Our year-long series of 52 10-minute radio programs is applicable to the needs of English learners and teachers worldwide. English teaching radio programs in Mandarin have already been adapted featuring our audio as a core teaching element.

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2003-2006 Chinese Edition

"Real World English" leads learners through four levels of language complexity (13 programs and
78 pages of text
at each level).